Ringless Abbey Clancy still won't comment on status of relationship with Peter Crouch

British model/TV presenter Abbey Clancy is turning up everywhere without her engagement ring from Team England footballer Peter Crouch following revelations earlier this month that he's a cheating rat - namely a rat who bedded a teenage prostitute. But Clancy won't comment one way or another in regards to whether or not the pair are together or splitting - and friends tell The Daily Mail that's because "She feels very lost."

Adds the source, "Abbey is throwing herself back into work to take her mind off the painful situation. She still feels so angry, and isn't really speaking to Pete. She's also terrified of taking him back and then finding out there have been more girls. Abbey is feeling exhausted, anxious and tearful. She's said that things will now go either way but that it will work out for the best. She's going through so many different emotions at the moment - it's tough but she's a fighter. She's not gong to be easy on Pete, that's for sure."

Clancy has previously spoken of her trust in Crouch, once telling OK!: "There are loads of footballers who are happily married and you don't hear anything about them. Everyone chats Peter up, and it doesn't matter if I'm there or not. It amuses me and Peter doesn't take any notice of them."

Follow Elin and Sandra's lead and dump him, Abbey! No one needs that kind of crap!