UK's 'Combat Barbie' gets married

Katrina Hodge, reigning Miss England and so-called Combat Barbie due to her status as Lance Corporal in the British Army, took the nation by storm when she showed that women in the military could also be drop-dead gorgeous.

Hodge secretly married fiance Neil (also a military man, whose last name can't be revealed for security purposes) in Sri Lanka in June for friends and family, after registering the marriage in Brighton, England in April. Neil is said to have proposed after the Miss England contest last July, where Hodge placed second. She gained the crown in November after the winner, Rachel Christie, was caught fighting in a nightclub brawl and stripped of the title.

Part of the rules of being Miss England and a potential Miss World candidate include being a single woman - but because she was crowned in November and the Miss World pageant took place in December 2009, before the June wedding, Hodge broke no rules. Still, she kept the marriage a secret until her reign as Miss England came to an official end.

The Daily Mail quotes Hodge as saying, "I'm just pleased my secret is out in the open now. I wanted to do my duty as Miss England and even though the wedding was planned, I had to keep it a secret until now because having the Miss England crown meant so much to me."

Hodge is said to have worn a recycled wedding dress for the ceremony, and may reveal her gown at a Miss England Eco party in Birmingham tomorrow.


PHOTO CREDIT: National News and Pictures