Ali Fedotowsky "leaning toward" Monique Lhuillier to design wedding gown

For her upcoming wedding to Roberto Martinez, Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is considering designers for her wedding dress, but is leaning towards Monique Lhuillier, a celebrity fave.

"I like her. I like the flowiness of her dresses," Fedotowsky told Us Magazine at an event last evening. The San Francisco native, 25, also recently shared her plans for the music at her wedding with People.

But other than that, Fedotowsky says planning every detail has been "almost overwhelming."

No date has been set, but the couple are looking at some time in the spring. She tells Us, "We've had so many people being like 'oh, we'll do a new song for you!' and 'we'll give you this, we'll give you that', and we're so appreciative. We have to sit back and go through everything and figure it out. It's going to happen!"

The couple recently moved into an apartment together in San Diego, and Fedotowsky says they won't fall prey to the Bachelor curse. "We don't even think of it like 'are we going to make it a month? Are we going to make it six months?'" she said. "When we're talking about doing things, we're like 'babe, we have the rest of our lives, that can wait, we can do that later, we have our whole lives.' We're going to make it!"