Rush Limbaugh posts wedding photos on Facebook

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh married Kathryn Rogers on June 5th in the Ponce de Leon ballroom of the Breakers Hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida, and much ado was made about Elton John agreeing to perform at the wedding of a man who had openly spoken against homosexuality. Because of that, the Limbaughs created a Facebook page to post photos of their wedding day. On air Wednesday, Limbaugh said of the page:

"We decided to put these pictures up, originally we didn’t intend to do any of this, but there’s been such a clamor and frankly the pictures are such works of art that after we saw them, Kathryn and I, we wanted some of these things to be seen, so that’s why we’ve created the Facebook page for you to see the wedding pics,” Limbaugh said on the air today. “We might put some more up in the course of time."


PHOTO CREDIT: Donna Newman