Burberry Brit Store Opening in Milan


Burberry Brit has opened it`s first store in Europe. The 250 square metre store opened on Corso Venezia 9, Milan on november 27th. The opening-hours are monday to sunday 10.30AM - 7.30PM.

The Store reflects a new store design concept developed by Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey. British materials and themes are used throughout the store in a contemporary and innovative way with flat screen LED video walls showcasing Burberry digital content.

The Burberry Brit collection is centred around relaxed outerwear, the Burberry check and denim.

The new Milan store carries Burberry Brit, Burberry Sport and Burberry Accessories (Menswear, Womenswear, Non Apparel, Fragrances, Watches and Eyewear).

There are currently five other Burberry stores in Italy – Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Venice. Burberry has two existing Burberry Brit stores in New York.


My favourite Burberry Brit looks F/W 10/11










Which Burberry Brit look is your favourite?

"Green" Giving

Yesterday I checked out this craft book from the library called Simply Green Giving by Danny Seo (2006). Like any good crafty book there are nice big pictures.

And like any good craft book there are a few ideas that are just plain silly. But the important thing is getting the creativity going! 

At the house, we are brewing a giant batch of beer for gift giving ease. I am personally the most excited about wrapping and labeling the bottles. This book has several ideas for wrapping bottles. Even if you don't make your own, any kind of alcohol is good for giving! I have already started to make giant ribbon bows using this tutorial via Natasha via Crafty Christmas Club.

They were so easy to make! I want to make them more and more huge... muahaha



Parading The Pyjamas

I was struck by how many Christmas Crafters intended to make pyjama bottoms - and what a good present idea that was. So I ordered the Simplicity 2721 pattern and went down to Walthamstow market for some brushed cotton, that I bought at £1 a metre. Yes, you read that right. This fabric is cheap as chips, soft as marshmallow, warm as toast and strong as an ox! (Four similes in one sentence. I think that must be some sort of blogging record.)

These pyjama bottoms were easy-peasy to sew up. You could complete a project in an evening. I added a couple of extra touches.

Decorative stitching around the ankle hems:

And a very cute name tag/hanging loop, alongside the French seams:

I hope my sisters will be pleased with their presents. (I have one more pair to make.) Two pairs of personalised pyjama bottoms for a tenner, including the cost of the pattern. Not bad!

You can see my non-Christmas projects at Didyoumakethat?

Photos Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey bollywood upcoming movie-stills,images,pics,wallpapers

After all film directing Ashutosh Gowariker has been an accomplished film maker and when it comes to films that bring with them a sense of patriotism (Lagaan, Swades), the music has always been a highlight. He may have moved on from A.R. Rahman to Sohail Sen but the latter's compositions in What's Your Raashee? had proved that the replacement was not a bad idea at all. Now that Ashu has entrusted Sohail to create a much bigger (and relatively serious) sound track in the form of Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, one hears the album with keen interest to know if the man manages to deliver. Javed Akhtar writes.Over all Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey is a good quality album.Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey is based on the book DO and DIE: The Chittagong Uprising 1930-34 by Manini Chatterjee.It tracks the story of 56 innocent yet fearless young boys, 5 defiant revolutionaries, 2 determined young women, and an idealistic leader - Surjya Sen, a school teacher by profession. This group represents a little-known chapter in history; a forgotten night that reigned terror on the British through a series of calculated attacks. The movie recounts the true incident of a series of attacks executed in one single night on 18th April 1930 and its aftermath. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey is a true story of these forgotten heroes and the narrative takes us through their daring escapes and tragic captures, and most importantly, their undying legacy. Abhishek Bachchan plays Surjya Sen, a school teacher by profession, Surjya is the leader of the band of 64 revolutionaries. Deepika Padukone portrays Kalpana Datta, the daughter of an extremely rich and influential landowner, who is independent and highly educated for a woman of that era, and has an interest in the science of bomb-making. Nirmal Sen, played by Sikander Kher is one of Surjya's closest friends, and a passionate revolutionary who had already been sent to jail once prior to the Chittagong attack.Pritilata Waddedar (Vishakha Singh) is Kalpana's best friend and although she is as passionate about the cause as Kalpana. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey has been produced jointly by Ajay Bijli, Sanjeev K. Bijli and Sunita A. Gowariker, with a lasting soundtrack composed by Sohali sen.

Christmas Joy!

Hello Friends!
"SEW" What's New?
New Handmade Bags have arrived to my etsy shop!
First, I'm sharing a few MORE Christmas Swiss Rolls with you!
Welcome Christmas JOY!

Welcome New Handmade Bags...Celebrate good times throughout the year!

You will see a lot of mixed patterns and vibrant colors along with colorful 
Inspiration from my daughters for the younger crowd!
More Bags soon to come!

Fabrics from Riley Blake, Timeless Treasures, Moda and many more!

I'm hoping to add more Baby/Diaper Bags, especially one for a Baby Boy!

Flower clips are detachable, you can wear them in your hair, on denim jackets,
mix and match with other bags and accessories etc.
More Christmas Quilts! Christmas Quilts bring Happiness to your Christmas Decor!
Moda Charm Pack-My second Christmas Quilt--a favorite for beginners!
The FUN is in the mix and match of fabrics
No pattern needed, just start sewing and let the magic begin!
(I LOVE charm packs, super fast and displays your Beautiful Fabric Collection!)
(I made this quilt when my LOVE for QUILTING started-2007)
In The Magic of Christmas!
                      Believe in YOURSELF--YOU CAN SEW!
Try a Charm Pack.
Try a SIMPLE Pattern to begin your love for Quilting.
(If you can sew a straight line, you can do it).
You are "SEW" Creative for all my friends who tell me differently!
Everyone has CREATIVE talents!
Share your talents.
Have a "JOYFUL" Day!
Have FUN!
Thanks for visiting!
I love hearing from you! Thank you for your heartfelt emails!

Reese Witherspoon Look for Less <$104

I love Reese's casual style and I am actually going to try to recreate this one today!! The stripes and the riding boots combo is perfect for a cozy casual day!

pic source:PopSugar

Alt Christmas

Christmas songs pop up all year round, by band you'd never expect they'd write one. Here are four fairly recent alt-rock songs about Christmas (that don't make 'm Christmas songs, if you catch my drift). She Came Home For Christmas by Danish band Mew is my favourite, a dreamy track with furiously crashing guitars in the middle. The Ocean Tango (a French/Swedish project) are dreamy as well, in a Carpenters-y style. Russian Futurists are funny Canadians, 100 Shopping Days 'til Christmas is a funny title for a song. Centro-Matic and South San Gabriel are Americana-bands, Christmas '83 appeared on a collaboration-EP.

UPDATE: (from the comments:) It's actually a Centro-Matic song... as it was originally released via Stereogum 2 years ago. South San Gabriel is actually fronted by the same guy who fronts Centro-Matic... so it's hard to call it a collaboration. Sorry to get all geeky.

Mew - She Came Home For Christmas
Ocean Tango - Christmas in July
Russian Futurists - 100 Shopping Days 'til Christmas
Centro-Matic & South San Gabriel - Christmas '83

Luggage Tags

The production line here @carmencitab was heating up as I have to send everything this week in order for everyone to receive their gift on time, my entire family lives on the other side of the Atlantic. We are a family of travelers, and there are talks of a big family gathering in a warm place this year so I have made a pair of luggage tags for everyone with fabric scraps, plastic sheeting, fusible interlining, fusible adhesive, eyelets and invisible thread. A little teaser, until we dip our toes in warm sand and blue water. I have to thank Tweed Thoughts for the idea. A little tip? You should sew plastic very slowly, it stretches like mad.

Proud Grandmothers Bag

I wanted to share with you a simple sewing project that would make a cute present for proud grandmothers. I gave this bag to my mother for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. Not only because I made it but because it´s embroidered with my children artwork. Here are some links if you´d like to give it a go:
Inspiration: this tutorial and Martha Stewart website
Pattern: Bag from this book by Cath Kidston
Fabrics: Ikea

Tabbed Kitchen Towels

Hello again!

I've finished more of gifts, some tabbed kitchen towels for my mother and aunt. They were super easy and quick to make since I used store-bought towels and just modified them. Check them out here.


I've also finished my Christmas tree skirt (although this one is for me).


Now I just have to start working on that drink holder for my brother...

Crocheted Bows

...sew 'em on everything!!

The pattern comes from creativeyarn, which you may already be familiar with. If not, check it out! The blog seems to be out of commission,  but is still a great resource!! Lots of free crochet patterns for gifty things. 

When I saw Emily's post about crocheted mittens, I immediately pictured them with these cute little bows. (Not that your embroidered bow isn't totally sweet!)

Winter tracks

During the winter we all need music that warms us like fireplaces. Sometimes it's an old nostalgic track by Nat King Cole and sometimes it's just something new that gives us that same feeling. A song that I really loved this year is from Sun Kil Moon: Australian Winter. But also the Cocteau Twin song Frosty The Snowman will do the trick. And there's always Low with their lovely Blue Christmas. No matter what and how you spent it, I wish you all great (white) days.

Low - Blue Christmas
Cocteau Twins - Frosty the snowman (so-so quality, if anybody has a better mp3, lemme know)
Sun Kil Moon - Australian winter
Better version of Frosty (thx Maks): Cocteau Twins - Frosty the snowman

/toasty crocheted mittens

Hi again, it's Emily from seymour. Firstly, I need to say that I've been LOVING everyone's posts so far! Great tutorials and brilliant ideas, so thanks everyone!

It seems that this year, everyone is asking for mittens. I'm pretty sure this is because of the early snow we got last week, and my friends and relatives were confronted with the strange colours their hands turn without the proper bundling accessories. Anyhow, this is good because mittens are a very do-able project!

While I'm not totally done with either pair yet, I thought I'd share this pattern sooner than later if anyone would like to get started on some crochet mittens. They're the Basic Crocheted Mittens from allfreecrochet.com.

I'm a big fan of making these, because they go super fast and take under one skein of worsted yarn for one pair! It's also easy to alter for different sized hands. 

My plan is to stitch bows at all the wrists with embroidery thread, but the first attempt looks like a crazy person did it. Pretty sure this was done at 1 or 2 am... I can't be sure if it's even 'cutesy homemade' or just insane. Either way, this bow must go because I doubt this craziness could be replicated on its twin... how did I even do that? Oops.

Regardless, I definitely recommend this pattern for all your cold-limbed friends and relatives!