Create Pumpkin Votive Candle Holders

Transform munchkin pumpkins into organic votive holders to illuminate an autumn table. Snap off each pumpkin's stem, and position a candle in its depression. Cover with a clear glass hurricane shade. Insert floral U pins to hold the shade in place.
For more PUMPKIN INSPIRATION check out Delish.

Vicki's Challenge #36 - 09-28-09

Hey Friends! We're on week #36 of our Christmas card challenges! Gosh, time sure is flying really quickly!! I remember when we started in January. . .December seem to be such a long time away. Well, in 3 months, it'll be December. Well, it's time you start creating your Christmas cards. The holidays will be upon us in no time!!!

This week is Vicki of Summerthyme Studio to host our challenges. Vicki's challenge this week is to create a Christmas scene using at least two different stamp sets or stamps. Now, that's simple huh? Well, I hope you'll play along with us this week.

To participate, post a comment on this post with a link to your blog or online gallery!! That's it. We'd love to see your beautiful Christmas card!!

If you need a sketch to help you along. . try this one out. This is not part of the challenge. .

Check out the awesome cards created by our design team!!

America - Cards By America

A Survival Kit For Motherhood

For The Best Times In Life!
Band-aid: To fix hurt feelings.
Tissues: For drying little alligator tears.
Cotton Swab: To clean out little ears-for better listening.
Marble: For when you've lost yours.
Rubber Band: To stretch you beyond your limits.
Sweet & Sour Tarts: A reminder that the good comes with a little bad, but the good overcomes!
Button: A reminder to button your lips and count to 10 when angry.
Toothpick: To pick out the good in lying situations.
Lifesaver: For when you've had one of those days.
Flower: A reminder that dandelions mean more than a lavish bouquet.
Star: A reminder of how motherhood makes us shine.
A Kiss: For the little ones to make everything all right!
A Great Gift for New MOMS! Put all of the contents into a bottle or gift basket, tie with ribbon and wish a new mommy a lot of good cheer! As all moms know motherhood is one of the hardest jobs on earth, but the most rewarding of all!

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Chandelier Make Over into a Shade Garden!

Take a chandelier from boring brass to a customized country charmer with a fresh coat of paint and textured shades that mimic handmade paper! A new thick and slow-drying paint product(Paper Perfect) contains paper fibers and can be embedded with fashion yarns and dried pressed flowers. Coat white clip-on shades with Paper Perfect and press no natural trims, then paint your chandelier to match your cottage-garden theme.

Materials: Five white clip-on chandelier shades, Deco Art Paper Perfect in desired color, Palette Knife, Three different kinds of yarns that coordinate with your flowers and paint, scissors, wooden skewer or piece of think dowel and sharpened end, Assorted dried and pressed flowers and leaves, acrylic paints in your choice of colors, two artist brushes, clear-coat sealer.

Tip: Before tackling your shades, experiment with the paint, yarn and flowers on a piece of cardboard.

A. Apply a thick coat of paper paint to the shade with a palette knife. Work on one section at a time until the entire shade is covered. (see photo A) The paper paint should extend just beyond the top and bottom edges of the shade and should be thick enough to accept pieces of yarn and flowers.
B. Select various sizes, colors and styles of yarn and an assortment of flowers and leaves to embed in the wet paper paint. Cut yarn into manageable lengths and work with one type at a time. Lay a length of yarn diagonally from the top to the bottom of the shade embedding it securely in the paper paint at each edge, then trim excess with scissors. Push the yarn into the paper paint, making sure it is securely anchored in the paint but still clearly visible.
C. While the paper paint is still wet, work on one section at a time and apply dried and pressed flowers and leaves in a balanced arrangement. Position pressed flowers and leaves and push the centers down using your finger of the wooden skewer(photo C). For dried flowers insert the flower stems into the paper paint. Cover all of the shade.

Note: The paper paint will take between 12 and 24 hours to dry. Let dry overnight.

Finish painting the Chandelier with desired paints and trims! Apply a coat of clear matte sealer to protect the finish. Let dry. Insert light bulbs and clip the Finished lampshades in place!


Sankari's Non-Traditional Colors Challenge #35 - 09-21-09

Happy Monday Everyone!!! Its Sankari here :) Can you believe that September is more than half way over!!! THis week, I am so excited to be your hostess!!! I thought maybe this week, we could make a Christmas/holiday card with non traditional colors (meaning - no red, green or blue - or just little bits of those colors!) something totally different.... its a fun way to use your holiday stamps (or non holiday stamps) in a fun and different way! ! Maria has created an awesome sketch below that you can use if you would like a sketch - so come on and get those colors out and play along with us! To participate, please comment on this post with a link to your blog or online gallery! We can't wait to see your creations!

Here is what I came up with:

Sankari Wegman - Sankari's Sunshine Corner


Design: free Aliola

Fabric: 28 ct linen

DMC, Madeira

Stitched by Ponechka

My August hanger

This is my first Christmas hanger this year. It is made from the new freebie from the prairie schooler. It is such a nice pattern.

Welcome Friday!

Cheers to FRIDAY! It's time to celebrate! Jump In and Come along for the ride! Who doesn't love a Fireplace or Mantel to embellish with Home Treasures and celebrations of FALL!
I have always had a great LOVE for Fireplaces! It takes me back to Home Sweet Home! There is something magical about a glowing fireplace, especially when its cold outside!

I have always been fascinated with the different looks of Fireplaces and Elevations that can be CREATED!

Mantels also look great in the Kitchen!

These last few pictures were taken from the Davis County Parade Of Homes in Utah! I know we've been there before, but I can't pass these up!

Since Fall is approaching, I'm sure many of you are getting out the Fall Decor and re-decorating your Fireplace Mantels! If you have visited my home, you will see my love for Fireplaces, which is pretty comical considering where I live!

What are you doing to your Fireplace for Fall? I am currently working on my fireplaces!
Deck the Fireplaces with JOY!