The Munsters' Butch Patrick to marry longtime fan

Actor Butch Patrick, 57, best known as young son Eddie on the hit TV show The Munsters in the 1960s, will marry former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donna McCall, who has been a fan of the actor for 25 years.

McCall, 56, is giving some sort of twisted hope to women everywhere, where the man of her dreams falls in love with her. McCall started writing letters to Patrick in 1964, but back then she was just one in a sea of fan letters the actor received. But when The Munsters ended, she continued writing - she kept writing to Patrick for the rest of her life.

Recently she wrote a letter to the email address on his website, and Butch replied - with his phone number. "I was really,really nervous when I called him," she tells the Philadelphia Examiner. "I felt like I was 10-years old again. He put me quite at ease. He even handed the phone to his mom and I got to talk to her for a little bit."

The two stayed in contact and finally met face to face at DRACULACON, fell in love, and Patrick proposed. The pair did not announce any wedding plans.