On Line Photos 2009

The photos from November are online. More photos will be posted as I turn, crop, reduce size etc.

November ornament

Winter Sampler ornament
LHN designs
JCS 2009
28ct cashel linen
DMC threads

stitched by: Mylene

Hard at work making Lighted Christmas Balls

Newcomers and experienced Lighted Christmas Ball makers gathered side by side to bend chicken wire, push, and poke into a roundish shape. Lights go on next and voila.. all one has to do is connect the ball to power and get it into a treetop.


A nice way to promote yourself as an artist, is to record a Christmas song. A free Christmas song, of course. Meb, from Montreal, studied music, was part of a band but now records on her own. She counts Fran├žoise Hardy, Rufus Wainwright, Kimya Dawson and Joni Mitchell among her influences. La Neige, the free song, is recommended whilst drinking hot coco and is very stress relieving. More Meb on Myspace.

Meb - La Neige

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Now seen in Beaumont Texas - Lighted CHRISTmas Balls

We received this happy email from a new friend in Beaumont Texas on Saturday - I uploaded his photos in collage format. Nice work (is it work?) maybe we should say Nice Play! They do look terrific.

Jonathan and Anne,
I saw a link to your site on how to make the balls on lifehacker.com.
I watched the video and was so taken with the story that I had to bring it down here to the Gulf Coast.
I hope it catches on here like on your street!
Merry CHRISTmas.

--Steve Dallas Johnson
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Emma Watson during sunshine reunion with boyfriend

Given the chance of a reunion with her boyfriend in the Caribbean, Emma Watson might have been expected to manage at least a smile.

But despite the sunshine, and the company of financier Jay Barrymore, the Harry Potter actress had a permanent face like thunder.

Perhaps she had been having difficulty explaining why she was pictured recently enjoying an evening out in New York with a fellow student who happens to be a glamorous Spanish rock star.
Emma Watson
High dudgeon in Jamaica: Emma Watson gazes off into the distance as boyfriend Jay Barrymore lays beside her

Emma Watson
Grim: Watson looked like she would have rather been anywhere but in Jamaica

Miss Watson, 19, is taking a degree in art and literature at Brown University, an Ivy League institution in Providence, Rhode Island, while 26-year-old Mr Barrymore remains in London.

Given a five-day break for the Thanksgiving holiday, she met him in Jamaica at the weekend for what many observers felt could prove to be 'make or break' for the couple's 18-month relationship.
Emma Watson
Cooling off: The Caribbean waters fail to lift Watson's miserable mood as she frowned

Judging by her expression, the smart money is on 'break'.

The actress, who has built up a fortune of more than £10million playing Hermione Granger in the Potter films, began her degree course two months ago.

Last week, the Daily Mail pictured her smiling at an ice-hockey match with Rafael Cebrian, a second-year student who plays in a Spanish band called the Monomes.
Emma Watson
Cheery: Miss Watson with Spanish rockstar Rafael Cebrian on November 21

Reese Witherspoon in Denim < $99

(photo via InStyle)

Meet Dana Blais of Hidden Meadows Tree Farm in Bath

Dana and Jane Blais have been growing Christmas trees at Hidden Meadows Tree Farm in Bath since 1988. Over the past two decades, the Blaises have evolved from what Dana describes as “dabbling” in growing Christmas trees into a full-time business. Here’s what Dana had to say about his work when we caught up with him in November.

How did you get into Christmas tree farming?

“I more or less started around 1985. I’m trained as a forester, and at the time I was a county forester in Coos County. There’s quite a few Christmas tree growers in that area, and I just became interested in it. So I started to dabble in it a little bit. I like the land. I like farming. One thing led to another, and now I’m basically in it full time. It’s good work. I enjoy it. I still do some forestry work, but not a whole lot.”

How did you end up in Bath?

“My wife, Jane. She just happened to have some property here when I met her. I had my Christmas trees growing in several other locations, and this property is well suited to growing Christmas trees. So, we started growing trees here also.”

Do you still have trees in other places, too?

“Actually, now I don’t. I did buy land in Lancaster this spring, and I will begin to plant [there] in the spring of 2010.”

What is the size of your farm?

“Three hundred total acres, about 40 acres in trees. We are expanding. We have about 35,000 trees here now, and I think it’ll be another 10,000 or so. And I’ll be able to plant about 15,000 in Lancaster.”

What types of trees to you grow?

“Fraser, balsam and Canaan firs. I’ve dabbled in a few so-called exotics, and I continue to do that, but those three are the basics. I’m trying Korean fir now, and I think that has some promise.”

How many trees do you sell each season?

“Right now we sell an average of about 4,000 per year. We are open for choose-and-cut. We also sell into the wholesale market – Rotary clubs, fire departments. Jane and our daughter, Heather, also make beautiful wreaths, which we sell here.”

What is your favorite part of growing Christmas trees?

“I like all of it. I do like to put trees in the ground, to plant them. But I like the whole process.”

What is your least favorite part of growing Christmas trees?

“Dealing with diseases and insects. Sometimes it’s very difficult to control. The summers of 2007 and 2008, we had a tremendous amount of precipitation, which led to a big increase in a certain root disease. We’ve started putting in some subsurface drainage. Since Fraser is the most susceptible, I’m planting balsams and Canaans in some of those places.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

“I like to hike. I like it here in the mountains. And I hope the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl.”

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Fun on Ridgeway Drive

When Alison Hassard said she wanted to make a potato launcher, she wasn't just kidding.  A trip to the internet, Home Depot and this is her creation.  It makes a very cool whooshing sound and as the Englars exclaimed, we can now get the string up higher than ever before and all the friends came out to play.  We now have many strings in the neighborhood.  There will be Lighted Christmas Balls up soon.  Nice Day!

Reindeer Ornament

Hi everyone,
The reindeer ornament is designed by Prairie Schooler from the
Gift of Stitching magazine (Dec 2009 issue).
Stitched on 32 count Jobelan with DMC threads.
As it doesn't snow at Christmas in Australia I changed some thread colours in the design.
Stitched by Sue in Australia.

4 Angel Christmas Ornaments

Hi Everyone,
These designs are from the book 'Made in France'. Stitched on 28 count antique white Cashel Linen with DMC threads.
The reading angels are for 3 friends I have met through our love of reading.
Stitched by Sue in Australia.

Handmade Gifts

I hope you all had a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Quilting to all those who are rushing to finish their quilts for Christmas! A few years ago, I decided to make quilts for my kids(four boys, 2 girls) for Christmas! It was a labor of love and one of my favorite gifts to give!

The quilts took a lot of time, but well worth the time! The toys and electronics are long gone! The quilts are still being used! I know my kids will remember their quilts. There is something magical about a handmade quilt or a handmade gift! The saying holds true-
"Those who sleep under a quilt sleep under a blanket of love!"

I felt inspired to make little doll quilts for my shop. My little daughter loves to play with her doll quilt and dolls. I've been happily stocking my shelves at Hall or Nothing! I'm also excited to join the U Create Holiday Boutique coming soon!

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"Hands to work..hearts to love!"
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Motif de Noel 1 Christmas Ornament

Motif de Noel 1 Christmas Ornament
Aurelle - part of her free Christmas SAL found here
28 ct Cafe Mocha French Country Linen, Atalie fil a broder in Passion, RG Petite Treasure Braid PB01
Stitched by Carol S.

Lighted Christmas Balls in Historic Charles B. Aycock neighborhood

Four generations of women bask on the porch following an awesome Thanksgiving feast.  Mamaw and Susan went back to Raleigh, Grayson went down for a nap, and Millie and Anne watched Justin and Jonathan use a super-sized slingshot to pitch an 8 oz. canvas throw bag over high limbs in one of Historic Aycock's pecan trees to pull binding twine up and over its branches before finally tying it off.  

Next steps: connect grounded extension cords to light balls, tie each binding twine "halyard" to its respective ball, hoist, and tie off.