Kate Moss marriage rumours continue...

You know, it must be fun being Kate Moss over in England. No matter who she dates, no matter what she does, if there is a ring on any one of her fingers, she must be getting married - even if she's never done it before and she's never led anyone to believe she was all that interested in actually being married - especially with the caliber of men she tends to go out with.

Which is not to say that British rock musician Jamie Hince of The Kills is in any way comparable to the disaster that is Pete Doherty, who dated Moss on and off for years.

This week in Italy, Moss was spotted with Hince at the annual horse races in Siena, and The Daily Mail pointed out that the couple were wearing similar rings on their "wedding fingers," to match the matching anchor tattoos on their left wrists. However, a friend told the Mail, "Kate and Jamie are closer than ever. They aren't married yet. It definitely looks like they are practicing for married life!"

Though the couple has never confirmed it, the Mail reported in February that Hince proposed to Moss on her 36th birthday earlier this year. Despite having a reportedly tempestuous relationship ever since meeting in September 2007, sources say that Hince has been a good influence on Moss, who has struggled with drug and alcohol in the past. Also, friends claim he gets along well with Moss' eight-year-old daughter, Lila, with magazine publisher Jefferson Hack.


PHOTO CREDIT: Big Pictures