December Ornament

December Ornament
Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin - in Seasonal Mementos
36 ct Summer Khaki Edinburgh Linen, DMC Floss
Stitched by Carol S.

Gary Lineker and Danielle Bux sizes up the waves

There is something familiar about this glamorous brunette strolling on the shore.

With straw hat, sunglasses and a swimsuit showing off every spectacular curve, she has what can only be described as the Cheryl Cole factor.

In fact, 30-year-old Danielle Bux, the new wife of Match of the Day host Gary Lineker, could easily have been mistaken for the X Factor judge as she walked on the beach in Barbados.

Checking out the surf: Gary Lineker sizes up the waves with new wife Danielle

Follow the Lineker: Gary leads his wife through the surf

Swimming in the sea of love: Gary and Danielle share a cuddle

She wrote on Twitter: 'The waves knocked me out! Seriously.. No joke haha! X'

Her record company boss Simon Cowell has also been on the island but is staying on a private yacht.

Other stars currently taking in the sunshine on the island include Rihanna, the Sugababes, Sir Philip Green, Emma Forbes, Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

The latter two have been pictured together on the island, confirming reports that their romance is back on.

Meanwhile the Sugababes, Amelle, Heidi and Jade, took some much needed R and R in the Caribbean resort.

Free kick: The Welsh lingerie model model uses her left foot to give her husband Gary a playful prod in his rear

Latest Christmas Finishes

Here are my latest and probably final Christmas finishes for 2009.

These are from Cross Stitch Crazy (Chrsitmas 2006 - Issue 92) Festive Feast found on page 62. I plan on doing a couple more of the in the new year.

Magical Fairytale Creations

Magical Creations from Grandma's Sewing Room!

She becomes a new spirit with her magical fairytale skirt! She runs, she hops, she smiles, she laughs, she even changes her name! Let the magic begin!

My little daughter loves to play dress up! A perfect gift for someone with an imagination like Isabella's!

Wishing you all a magical New Year!

Groovy Handmade Christmas gifts

Part Three

Open-Here comes Groovy!
Grandma made adorable necklaces for her older grand daughters made from washers! The container is just as cute as the necklaces! My daughter loves them! She won't part with these either!

The amazing Stars(Christmas ornaments) will be shinning brightly on my Christmas tree next year! Grandma makes handmade Christmas ornaments each year for the grandchildren. It is wonderful to see their collection now they are getting older! Although, I may have a hard time parting with them!
A Handmade table runner with sweet treats, which matches my Candy Cane Lane staircase Beautifully! ;)

Each year, Grandma places our beautiful embellished gifts in a container that works well for organization or our pantry! It is easy to carry home and works well for multi uses! Grandma thinks of everything!

Stay tuned for more adorable children's gifts!

Shine The Light on Hunger - 3,831 pounds so far - still a ways to go

Gardner Sheffield keeps a close eye on the food collection trailer, the yellow food collection bucket, and the weather.  He called to say that with wintry mix in the forecast, we better empty the trailer, "Why don't I take half the food to Second Harvest Food Bank and half to Urban Ministry?"  With Second Harvest's partner agency demand up 75% this year and Urban Ministry's pantry overflowing at the moment, we made the executive decision to allocate 100% of this trailer load to Second Harvest

First the good news.  This installment weighed in at 943 pounds, bringing the Shine the Light on Hunger total so far to 3,831.  As of this moment, the food's been inspected, sorted, and is on its way to needy persons. 

Now the bad news:  nearly 50 million people -- including almost one child in four -- struggled last year to get enough to eat.  You can read how America's economic pain has brought on hunger pangs here.   After you finish that, get a copy of the USDA's report on food security (insecurity) in America).  Warning: it's not for the faint of heart, but go on and read it anyway.

In 2007, Friends of Lighted Christmas Balls in Sunset Hills collected 2,976 pounds of food. 

In 2008, we collected 4,000 pounds, up 34%, during a recession I might add. 

This year's goal is 10,000 pounds.  I don't know where we got a goal that's 2 1/2 times what we collected last year, but there it is. 

At 3,831 pounds we're not there yet, and that's where you come in.  We would love for you to gather up all the non-perishable food you can fit in your car, truck or backpack and come see the lights, and donate food here or here.  Tell your family, friends, and co-workers.  If you're retired and your home is a retirement center, fill at least one seat on the bus with non-perishable food.  If you run, get everyone in your running club to grab 2 cans of food and run to the yellow barrel or food collection trailer.  Just come and bring food.  You'll be glad you did. 
These are a few of the Christmas Ornaments that I stitched this year-

The little Precious Moments ballerina is for my favorite 3 1/2 year old who just started ballet lessons this year:)

The little football player is for her brand new baby brother Alex who arrived in April.

These both came from the "Precious Moments Miniatures" booklet although I can't remember the year-

This is for my oldest daughter-which came from "The Cross Sticher" Christmas 08

My youngest daughter has a thing for penguins so this was perfect for her.. this was a freebie from Stitchy Kitty.

Danielle Bux shows off nifty footwork of her own on the beach

He was his country's top scorer in his footballing days, but it was Gary Lineker's wife who displayed the sharper footwork in Barbados this week.

Danielle Bux, who now uses her husband's surname, kicked off a little Wales vs England tussle by giving her new husband a cheeky boot up the Arsenal.

Gary, 49, tried to mount a counter attack, but his wife's defence held firm and the former England and Spurs striker was left floundering in the sea, almost crashing to the ground in what could have well have been a yellow card offence.

Free kick: The Welsh lingerie model model uses her left foot to give her husband Gary a playful prod in his rear

With dreadful weather conditions sweeping the nation, it's no wonder the couple have upped sticks for warmer climes.

Gary and Danielle are currently holidaying in Barbados, along with a rash of various celebrities.

Danielle, 30, looked the picture of beauty in a bathing suit in the colours of her home country as the couple hit the beach before their Match Of The Day began.

Good in the air: The football pundit leaps into the air, while his wife braces herself, as a small wave rushes towards them

Meanwhile Gary went topless in just a pair of Bermuda shorts in England's traditional team colours.

The TV presenter showed he has a pair of hands as safe as Peter Shilton's by holding on tight to his wife as they strolled along the white sandy beach.

Danielle will no doubt be pleased to learn her native country is currently covered in a blanket of snow while she suns herself on the warm Caribbean beaches.

Referee! Ex-England striker Gary Lineker puts his arms out as he attempts to keep his balance in the sea

Other stars currently taking in the sunshine on the island include Rihanna, the Sugababes, Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

The latter two have been pictured together on the island, confirming reports that their romance is back on.

Meanwhile the Sugababes, Amelle, Heidi and Jade, took some much needed R and R in the Caribbean resort.

Safe pair of hands: Gary Lineker strolls along the beach in Barbados hand-in-hand with his wife Danielle Bux

Upfront display: The couple have escaped the current spell of bad weather spreading across the country

Happy 10!

Thanks for stopping by, hope we helped to make your Christmas be as wonderful as ours. See you next year.

Tracy Marrow shows off curves on beach

He's usually seen posing and posturing in his hip-hop videos, surrounded by semi-naked women.

But here's Ice-T as you've probably never seen him before, albeit still with a bikini-clad babe.

The 51-year-old rap star, real name Tracy Marrow, left his attitude at home as he spent a family day out on the beach in Miami with his wife Coco Marie (real name Nicole Austin).

Loving touch: Coco, real name Nicole Austin, wraps her arms around husband Ice-T during their Miami break

Beach babe: Coco Marie spends time with one of her nieces on the beach in Miami where she was holidaying with husband Ice-T and her sister

And all eyes were on his busty partner who showed off her womanly curves in a tiny, floral-print bikini as the couple took Ice's son, Ice Marrow, and Coco's sister Kristy and her toddlers for a day out in the Sunshine State.

Coco, who is a former Playboy model, spent the day playing with her nieces, as Ice relaxed with his teenage son.

Soon after arriving in Miami the rapper posted a message on his Twitter page telling fans: 'Just took my 18 year old son to South Beach for his first time.... I think I blew his mind!!'

That's a rap: The hip-hop star and his family enjoyed a relaxing time on the beach

And it appears both Ice-T and his wife are fans of the social-networking site.

Last week, Coco, who is famed for her huge rear, made waves on the internet when she posted a photo of her infamous behind while she lifted some weights.

The model also has her own website where she regularly posts photos from her raunchy glamour shoots.

Sweet Creations from Grandma

Part Two!
Sweet Creations for sweet grand daughters from Grandma! My daughter received three darling little accessories/bags embellished with flowers, buttons and ribbons along with fabric handles! Great for organizing items in a purse! My daughter loves them and can't wait to use them! I love them too!

The fabrics are adorable with polka dots, vibrant PINK and so FUN! I think I'm going to have to make more of these! My daughter won't give them up. ;)
Have a happy and creative day!

Now seen in Sweden - Lighted Christmas Balls

Jonathan was asked to give a program for his Gate City Rotary Club in place of a speaker who had to cancel last minute. He is always glad to talk abut the Lighted Christmas Balls and a Rotarian here on business from Sweden did a make-up meeting at Gate City. He was quite taken with the Lighted Christmas Balls and visited Sunset Hills at night, took the instructions home to Sweden and here are his photos from his home there. It is fun to see them all over Greensboro and fun to see them cross the oceans to other countries. It has blessed us beyond measure to see the excitement and fun they bring.

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Tater Tots !!

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Last week, Jonathan ran into someone and they told him that they had made the Lighted Christmas Balls and put them up but they looked a little more like Tater Tots than anything else - I had to laugh because honestly some of ours looks a little tottish themselves. 

This week, we went on Aycock to Lee Street to eat dinner at St. Luis - a wonderful little Mexican place.  We took two cars as we were meeting there after work and we both almost ran off the road looking back into College Hill at some Lighted Christmas Balls way up high and plenty of them.  After dinner, we took the opportunity to take in South College Park Drive.  WOW - it was splendid and beautiful - Go over to see them.  They are wonderful. 

That inspired me to try to find a single street in Sunset Hills which didn't have a ball or two or twenty.  Did I find one? No, not one!  Every street, place, way, or drive had some form of Lighted Christmas Balls hanging from trees, awnings, porches or something.  Some of them looked a bit like Tater Tots but they all looked grand. 

It made me happy to live here in Sunset Hills and have you driven to Glenwood on Lee Street, Gramercy off Westridge, Round Hill in New Irving Park, Lake Jeanette, or the many streets in Starmount, Hamilton Lakes, and even Old Irving Park?  We know there are dozens more neighborhoods which I have not ventured to and would love to know about them. 

A couple from Laurel MS is coming to see us in a couple of days just to see the Lighted Christmas Balls and meet us and some neighbors while they are here. 

Shine the Light on Hunger.  Food Drive going through the 3rd at least.  Tell your friends to come by and drop off some food.  It is easy and fun.

Australia - Lighted Balls there !!!

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Here is an email I received from Geoff in Australia:

I came across your Christmas balls on the internet, and thought they would be a great project - which they have been for our whole family. Here are the two we have in a poinciana tree out the front of our house. Please keep up the good work.

...Geoff, Rockhampton, Australia

Handmade gifts from Grandma

Our talented Grandma makes all of her Christmas gifts for family and grandchildren. It's always a JOY to see her new creations each year. I've posted many of her creations labeled Love Grandma!

Mother/Daughter matching aprons! They are so cute, I wanted to wear them to chruch!

Grandma embellished tea towels with trims and large rick rack to match the aprons. The fabulous measuring spoons came from The Barn in San Luis Obispo, California!

We can't wait to use our aprons. I have made Mother/daughter aprons for my etsy store, but I've never taken the time to make matching aprons for my daughters and I! I'm thrilled!

Stay tuned for more handmade gifts from the heart! Have a happy and creative day. Hugs to Grandma!