Rapper Shawty Lo's engagement lasts "probably" a month

Don't let this tearful video deceive you - there really isn't much love lost between rapper Shawty Lo (real name Carlos Walker) and his on-off girlfriend of 10 years, Ecreia Perez. In June the rapper proposed at a surprise birthday party for Perez in Atlanta, but within a month he'd called it off. He recently spoke to MTV News about the split.

"Things happen. I can't point no fingers. We were separated, the engagement lasted probably a month. I love her still, but it's time to move on. It's over. I'm finnin' (feeling ready) to move on. I got everything new going for me."

When asked to elaborate, Shawty would only say: "Something happened that I found out. Me, being a man, you just can't deal with certain stuff, put up with certain stuff. So, you know, it's better for us to separate. I can't talk about it. That my daughter's mother. I got much respect for her. ... (But) yeah, I'm single right now."

In total, Shawty has 10 children, including his daughter with Perez, from various relationships.


VIDEO CREDIT: WorldStarHipHop.com