It's The Little Things....That make House a HOME!

The radiant smiles and sounds of loved ones running through the house with joyful laughter in their voices.

The messes that fill our life each day, like cereal and milk left out on the counter, crumbs on the kitchen floor.

The artwork that fills the front of the fridge along with crayons all over the house and under the sofa cushions.

The endless laundry that is evidence of family at work, school, sports and play.

Little boys pockets filled with treasures.

The stuffed animals, polly pocket, barbie dolls, blocks, trucks and legos left behind on the family room floor.

The endless tents and club houses draping the furniture and chairs made from blankets.

The sound of music, childrens music and music from the piano or a musical instrument.

The sights and sounds of a child playing in costume as a princess or a favorite character or super hero.

All these sights and sounds make a house a HOME. So many little things that are put in our daily lifes, our busy lifes, we tend to forget how precious they really are. I for one, as my children grow older have learned to appreciate them more. They are all evidence of a happy life filled with love.