The Great Art Of Quilts!

Cheers to the blogger's Quilt FESTIVAL by Park City girl! I'm happy to join the Festival! This Quilt is one of my favorites!

I love quilts that give a vision of who we are, and have a significant meaning in our life. This quilt has a lot of meaning for me. I made it in the summer of 2007 with my sister! It is the first time, I have ever done applique on a quilt! I have often looked at quilts like this, and my thoughts were always over whelmed at the thought of actually making one! I am happy to say, I made it! I now hang it proudly in my family room! It is more then just a quilt to me! Here are ten top reasons why I love it so much! :-)

1. I have a loving sister who took the time to show me how to do applique and made the same quilt along with me!
2. "The old house" in the quilt reminds me of my roots(born at home) and family!
3. Country life is good, it reminds me of the safety and simplicity I felt growing up.
4. I love Trees, especially tall green Christmas trees! I miss the pine trees and mountains!
5. Birds in the trees remind me of the birds that lived in the tall trees across the street. I loved to hear them sing!
6. The basket reminds me of charity, a loving heart of friends and family!
7. The colors of fall, my favorite!
8. Memories of grandmothers who sewed so beautifully and made us beautiful dresses when we were young, appreciating their talent!
9. A loving mother who hand quilted so perfectly!
10. The Love and desire of learning!

"I Wooly Love Ewe"! This quilt and instructions on how to make it is in Fons and Porters (January/February issue 2009) You can purchase a quilt kit from their web site! I love it! I'm posting it because I think it is so cute for Valentines and a great wall hanging and perhaps it has some significant meaning for you!