Dog christmas 2009 gift basket

Do you have a four legged friend that you want to honor? We celebrate our birthdays, so why wouldn't we do the same for our furry friends as well? Creating pet gift baskets is the ideal way to let Fido and Snowball know just how much you appreciate them! Man's best friend shows his loyalty by standing by you through thick and thin. Wouldn't it be nice to show your love by doing something for them in return Start out your canine basket with a nice doggy bowl. You need to select the bowl that bested suits the dog. Don't get a little tiny bowl for a St. Bernard! Once you have chosen the bowl, then you can decide what you want to put in it. Think of the different things you can add to the gift basket (bowl) that your pet would love. How about a nice collar and leash.

There are much different kinds of dog bones out there to choose from. Dog toys are also a nice additions. You might consider getting something for the dog's pet as well. Dog shampoo, flea and tick spray, a dog brush or even toothpaste and a toothbrush for that nasty doggy breath will be appreciated by your grateful owner! Wrap the gift up with cellophane and use the dog collar or leash to tie it up and you are good to go with the perfect pet dog gift basket ! Look forward to wetting nosed kissed from the pampered pooch!

Do you know someone with a fuzzy feline you want to pay tribute to? Start out with a soft and cuddly kitty bed. Add a catnip toy to put a little extra bounce in their step! Cat treats are always a nice touch; get the ones that help with tartar and hair balls, and you are sure to make the kitty and her owner happy. Don't forget Advantage or some kind of flea remedy. Wrap it with a colorful clear paper and top it off with a pretty cat collar. Your pet gift baskets for your favorite feline or precocious puppy will definitely be a hit!