2009 Christmas gift for dad

One of the hardest people to find a Christmas gift for is your dad. Besides being a man, which translates to “not-much-into-material-things”, dads also do not need much of anything. So what to give them besides the gifts that you have already given them for the past Christmases, birthdays and other special occasions? Here are some pointers on how to decide what to give your dad for Christmas.Raid their closets and their desks Look inside their rooms and look for things that they still do not have or things that need replacement. For instance, does their wallet look tattered? Do they need a new one? Is their cuff links already tarnished? Will they appreciate another pair Are they missing a white polo for the office or for formal occasions? Another area where you can look into for potential gift ideas is their desks. Get inside their study or their home office and look for things that they can possibly use.

Connive with mom Who better to ask about what your dad needs but your mom? Ask your mom what gift will your dad most appreciate. Chances are, she will know something that your dad can really use. If she has no idea, you can ask her to try to ask your dad for you. She could either be direct about it or try the subtle approach. Whatever works! Ask To cut everything short and to minimize all the work, you can always directly ask your dad what he wants for Christmas. Nothing beats not beating around the bush! Of course, make sure that your dad is the type who will tell you what he wants. If not, don’t bother asking as you will only ruin the surprise. There are just some people who are not comfortable telling people what they want as gifts.

Consider their interests When buying gifts for your dad, you should always look into their interests. For instance, if he is a golf enthusiast, then you can probably buy something that is related to golf or with a gold emblem to it, a golf clock or a paperweight of a golf player swinging. Give him a new interest Another great gift idea is to give your dad something this Christmas that will start off a new interest. This is especially great with dads who are already in their retirement or those who are about to retire.