2009 Gift for man christmas

You have spent year after year giving him every Christmas gift you could possibly give him. Now you have come to the point where you wonder what is left to give! Finding Christmas gifts at Christmas time is difficult because it seems as though every single person in the world is out shopping. Not knowing what to buy makes it all the more complicated. So, below is a short compilation of 7 hot Christmas gifts for the man who has it all. NothingThat's right. If he has everything, why not give him absolutely nothing as a Christmas gift! This gift of nothing comes like an empty wrapper labelled with the word 'Nothing' and a short description. Nothing happens once opened and nothing can be exchanged for it. Let's just hope he has a sense of humour!

2. Personalised Champagne or Whiskey His name and a message can both be printed on the bottle, making this Christmas gift both personal and unique. Note that this kind of gift derives its personality from the message on the bottle, because a simple bottle of champagne would be more suited for a friend rather than a partner as a Christmas gift. If he enjoys the finer things in life then this may just be the present for him. Should he be more of a wine drinker than one of the options in number 3 may be more suitable for him.

3. Experience of a Lifetime Such an experience can include a racing along a track in a super fast Ferrari or even flying a plane. He could be enjoying a scenic view from a helicopter ride or tasting plethora of wines in a Vineyard with you by his side. For less adrenaline, a relaxing day at the spa is also an option. Intangible gifts like these avoid them from lying around, and collecting dust. Despite being very atypical Christmas gifts, they are unforgettable activities that are bound to make his day.

4. Engraving City Desk Set For the working man, this is an useful Christmas gift. It could be personalised which means a message of up to 50 characters can be engraved on the top of the set. It includes a pen and pen holder as well as a small notepad and flip up photo frame. Practical for any office desk, the sleek design avoids causing excess clutter as well. He can also place a photograph of his family or partner in the frame.