2009 Christmas gift basket cheese

A cheese and cracker gift basket is the perfect gift on birthdays as well as weddings. Who wouldn't want a gift basket filled with a variety of cheeses, spreads, and crackers? Many of us normal folk don't have time to stand in front of the whole foods cheese display deciding whether we want apricot Stilton, or brie and so the gift of cheese is one to be enjoyed!

When buying cheese, remember one thing: you can spend a ton, or spend a little and still impress your giftee. We mentioned whole foods, and they do in fact have a wonderful display of cheeses! Some are priced at gasp-worthy costs, and others are just as yummy, and won't kill your budget. One of our favorities is the goat cheese and honey rolled in almonds. This cheese would be perfect on a crossiant [include some in your basket] for a quick, delictable breakfast! Small wedges of brie are a good cheese to include, a wedge of sharp cheddar, and Havarti with dill are all wonderful, reasonably priced cheeses to include!

As far as crackers go, keep things simple. Trader Joe's has a variety of delicious crackers that are so cheap you may end buying a few boxes for yourself. For under ten dollars you can stock up on up to four boxes of them. Make sure to provide your giftee with a variety, so they can mix and match their cheeses to the cracker they like the most. If you are feeling generous, include jam, or hummus spreads to go along with the theme of the basket. Cheese, crackers, and spreads? We are drooling just thinking about it!