Christmas 2009 gift giving

Do you struggle around Christmas time to decide what gifts to give to your friends, and family but also your neighbors, business clients, and others to whom, you feel obligated to give something? You can stop the struggle and make your Christmas gift giving easier. Here are 7 ways to make Christmas gift giving a breeze. Plan early and well ahead of time. I know it is very easy to say that you will plan and then you fail to do it but the reality is that the very easiest way to make your Christmas gift giving easier is to plan. By planning you will have a larger selection of gifts from which to choose. Furthermore, you will be able to keep your eyes open for any unique gifts, which may be well suited for one or more people on your list.

Network and speak with the people you understand what ideas they have for gift-giving as well as who they know who makes or sells products as a part of their home-based business. Many times these people sell items you can use, as Christmas gifts for either less money than you would spend at a store or at a convenience that can't be beaten. You may even be able to get these gifts customized for your business and delivered for you. Think simple. Many times the people on your Christmas gift- giving list would much rather receive one simple item such as a candle, a calendar or a fruit basket than something complicated. This could also be much easier on you.

What about giving candles to all the women and calendars to all the men? You will be hard pressed to find a woman who does not like candles and men all use and appreciate calendars. This is just an example of how you can make your Christmas gifts much easier. Choose two items and give one to all the women and one to all the men. If you will need to do a large quantity of mailing or delivery, start collecting the addresses you will need in an address book or database well ahead of time. The ideal is to collect the addresses when you meet the person or when you decide this is someone to whom, you will be giving a Christmas gift. If you come from a large family, consider drawing names or taking turns and giving only one Christmas gift each year.