Christmas gift basket nj 2009

Advent calendars are a fun and exciting way to countdown the days to Christmas. Each day a new surprise is revealed as Christmas Day gets closer. A Christmas Pyramid Advent Calendar makes the countdown even more exciting, as bigger surprises, such as ornaments and decorations for the tree, can be revealed. Nevertheless perhaps the most exciting way to countdown to Christmas is to reveal, day by day, new elements for a nativity scene, culminating on Christmas Eve with a tiny baby to lie in the crib. Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and lasts for 21 days to Christmas Eve. So you will need 21 square boxes, all the same size, decorated with Christmas paper, or painted silver or gold. Alternating gold and silver, or red and green, looks even more impressive.

Take the lids and remove the rims from three sides on each lid, using a sharp craft knife, leaving one rim intact. Paint a thin line of craft glue around the edges with no rim and dip in glitter. Allow to dry. Make a hole in the edge of the lid opposite the remaining rim right in the middle - and poke through gold colored split pin. Open out the split pin on the inside the lid so that it stays put. Do the same with all the remaining lids. Number each lid from 1 to 21 using stick on numbers. Using craft glue or a glue gun, secure the remaining rim of each lid to one side of each box, so that it opens like a flap. Allow to dry thoroughly, and then start assembling your arrival calendar.

Place boxes 1-6 side-by-side and make sure they are perfectly aligned with the lids at the front and the split pin handles at the bottom. Using craft glue or a hot glue gun, glue each box to its neighbor so you have a foundation row of six boxes.