2009 Christmas gift for her

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means you need to come up with Christmas gifts for her. Instead of stressing out, consider the following approach. Christmas Gifts for Her – Gift Ideas As the holidays approach, we are all subjected to a frustrating phenomenon. What the heck should I get for my wife, sister, mother, daughter and so on? We each arrive at the answer differently, but it usually comes in one of the following forms. You see something while browsing a web site or moving with the herds at the mall, You buy something you like, which of course means she will like it [lingerie?], or You give up and buy soothing oils and such for the bath. Entire industries have been set up around mans inability to think of good gift ideas for women. Next time you are the mall, take a look at the “bubble bath” stores.

While you agonize of whether to go with the peach fragrances or the lavender skin restorer, you should try to keep in mind what such gifts say to her. When she opens the gift, she’ll think that you really didn’t put much thought into, and react accordingly. This, of course, means there better be a little box somewhere under the tree containing a rare precious gem or car keys! A Better Way The best method for coming up with Christmas gifts for her is to consider what she really likes. Importantly, this does not mean considering what you think she SHOULD really like. Put another way, tickets to the next football game are not going to cut it. Instead, really give some thought to what she does when she has some spare time.

If she likes to go antique shopping, then buy her something related to antiques. Preferably, this should be a book or something discussing antiques, not actual antiques. Men have no taste, so don’t risk buying an antique she hates. Trust me on this one. If your wife or daughter likes to get out into nature, you should consider something along those lines. If she likes to go for walks to get away from the chaos of the home, consider getting her something related to hike. This could include things such as a book detailing the local hikes in your area or a Nomad Hiking Journal that will let her keep a diary of where she hiked and with who. Regardless, the point is you should give her something related to his passion.