Christmas gift 2009 shop

It was easy to shop for the kids when they were smaller. Buy them a cute doll or a sharp looking truck and you might have them amazed. Nevertheless as they become older, it may seem harder to find presents and gifts they will love. When they become teens, the task may even seem more impossible. Face it; teens today seem to have everything they need. Parents are buying for them all year long and some bright and ambitious teens have their own jobs, thus are able to afford some of their own things. These two reasons make it even harder to buy them presents. Yet, if you really stop and think you can come up with great gift and present ideas for Christmas or anytime that even the fussiest teen will love.

Here are eight Christmas gift ideas that even hard to please teens will love Buy a new Mp3 player. These are coming down on prices all the time. Therefore, you surely can find one that fits your budget. Doesn't worry about the fact that the teen may all ready have a deluxe model. There may be timed and places where the teen may fear to take his/her best model (fear of losing or fear of it being stolen). Times like these would be perfect for the teen to have a backup player. Cell phoned accessories are something teens usually love. They not only love the phone, they love the ring tones, the cases, the blue tooth and all the other accessories to match. If you are not sure of the brand or model of the phone, this would be a great time to buy a gift certificate to their local cell phone dealer.

DVD's.: Teens like to watch and rent these. If you don't want to buy a selection of DVD's for fear that the teen will soon get bored of them, you could get the teen a gift card to your local DVD rental store. Then the teen can pick out his or her favorites. Health and Beauty products are great gifts for teens and can even be bought for male teens. For the girls, you have your choice of makeup, jewelry, holistic items as well as perfumes and bath products. For male teens, you can buy after shave products, colognes and some bath products.

Will the teen soon be heading off to college? If the answer is yes, you could begin buying items that the teen will need. Some great and cool gifts for college are: Bean bag chairs (always a classic item), clocks, lamps, comforters for the bed, etc. Do you know if the teen is into video games (most teens are)? Find out just what platform they like best and if they are looking for any certain game. Better yet, again turn to the gift certificate idea and this time get one to the local video game dealer or online dealer. Puzzle books could be an interesting present to buy a teen. If the teen actually would play them, they could help sharpen their minds. The newly popular brain puzzled Sudoku could be a big pleaser.