2009 Traditional christmas gift

There are many themes you can use when crafting your own holiday gift baskets. However, the list below contains some traditional gift basket ideas as well as a few for special friends on your gift list. You can get most of your crafting supplies at local stores like Hobby Lobby, or if you shop on the Internet, simply type "gift basket supplies. Let's start with one of my favorites to share with your inner family and close friends. The Traditional Christmas Gift Basket. Fill your basket with hot apple cider mix large mugs, homemade Christmas ornaments, a letter or poem on why Christmas is important to you, matching mittens, hat and scarf (or, depending on your climate you could substitute sunglasses, sun block lotion, a cool destination theme cap) some mistletoe and, or other fragrant scents. You could even include a popular Christmas music CD, and for a super nice touch. Some home made Christmas cookies with the recipe included.

Christmas Decorating Gift Basket Fill a basket with nativity set, assorted Christmas ornaments (store bought, but better if hand-made by you,) decorative lights, homemade candles or seasonal candles from your local craft store and a little traditional mistletoe and holly Coffee Lovers Gift basket Fill a basket with gourmet coffees, coffee mugs, novels, or books on coffee regions and making processes, dark chocolates, and a decorative bookmark that you make yourself Chocolate Lover's Gift Basket Fill a basket with, chocolate cookies (home baked is best,) chocolate bonbons, chocolate sauces, chocolate syrup, chocolate dipped coffee spoons and for a special touch wrap them in cellophane with a bow, hot chocolate mix, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate flavored coffee beans and some chocolate recipes from around the world

Christmas Survival Kit Spray paint a basket white, then stencil the International Red Cross symbol on each side. Fill the basket with Tylenol - to take away the headache of overdoing, Tea - to calm, relax, and soothe away the tension, peppermints - to settle the tummy from overindulging, Slimfast - to kick off the diet you will need to start, pocket date book - to track all the 'to do's, CD that includes soothing quiet music to listen to while wrapping gifts, tape - to use to wrap the gifts because you forgot to buy any, a package of gift tags that you made, your favorite quick and easy yummy cookie recipe and last, but not least include some nice bath oil or bubble bath to soothe the weary body

Faraway Grandparent (or relative) Gift basket Fill a basket with children's artwork, gifts made by the kids, frames for family pictures (let the kids buy plain wooden frames and decorate them with stickers,) videos of the family, a long-distance calling card. Extras: fill out the basket with candy, coffee, tea, biscuits, Christmas ornaments, candles, etc. Include printed notes from the kids with "why I love you Grandma/Pa sentiments)