What do you think?

Hello Friends!
Welcome June! Summer is here!
We've had beautiful weather this week.
I know the HOT weather is coming soon!
I have kids that are out of School and a few that are still in School!
I will be happy for them all to be out at the same time!

I've been thinking about Christmas projects, because I like to start creating
a little Christmas Magic in the summer!
How can you not get excited when you start to see all the
Christmas fabrics and Crafty Creations arriving in your favorite quilt and craft stores?!
(It's the only way to get projects accomplished!)
Plus, it helps to keep my kids busy!

Last year, I started the Twelve Days of Creative Christmas.
It took a lot of time, but it was well worth it,  I felt like I was multi tasking at the same time.
I finished projects early that I might have left until the last minute.
My tree was up early, my neighbor and teacher gifts were finished early.
I also loved meeting new friends and followers.
It's great to share!
It really was a good thing!
I want to continue it again this year!  I started November First last year.
I'm thinking about adding a little more FUN with the SEASONS, since my blog is about
"Seasons of Creativity and Inspiration for HOME and FAMILY"
So........this is what I'm thinking:

The Twelve Days of Fall
The Twelve Days of a "Boo"ti-ful Halloween
The Twelve Days of a Thankful Thanksgiving
I may combine Fall and Halloween.
I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions from all of you.
What do you think??
By the way, I love these Owls from Pottery Barn.
I think this will be my next project!
My daughter loves them also!
I'm hoping to add more creations to my etsy shop for Fall!
Have a beautiful day!
Thank you to everyone!

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