Top 10 Picks: Christian Dior Lookbook Prefall 2011 (by John Galliano)

1. Dior-prefall-2011

2. Dior-prefall-2011-2

3. Dior-prefall-2011-3

4. Dior-prefall-2011-4

5. Dior-prefall-2011-5

6. Dior-prefall-2011-6

7. Dior-prefall-2011-7

8. Dior-prefall-2011-8

9. Dior-prefall-2011-9

10. Dior-prefall-2011-99

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Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection! John must have heared my prayers and finally brought back tweed, tartan, checks, pleated skirts and british aristocrat elegance!

THIS is how royals should look. PS: Oh the shoes! *DROOL*

What do you like best about this collection?