Fashion Show Coverage: Etro Men S/S 12 (june 20th 2011)

1 - invitation

The invitation was a sailing boat this season.

1a - venue0

Outside Palazzo del Ghiaccio

2 - anna2

Anna dello Russo before the show

2a - venue

Inside the Etro`s sea of blue.

3 - runway

Maritime shadow play opening the show.

5 - runway3

It felt like being by the sea with the sand-coloured runway, white seats and blue background.

5a - runway8

The runway had a center surrounded by two circles, which made watching slightly confusing, especially when you sat in the middle, outer circle, like I did.

6 - runway7

The finale

8 - after-show3

Your favourite blogger after the show.

9 - after-show

Model waiting for his driver after the show. Yeah, strike a pose, baby.

Top 10 Picks of Etro`s 'AU BORD DE L’EAU ou le nouveau réalisme' Collection

1. run1

It is “joie de vivre” caught in the act, but also the elegant melancholy of the perfume of Gauloises and Pernot. Enjoying the notes of Cesare Picco. It is a tribute to that which Jean Luc Godard described as ‘The splendour of the real’.

Memory of tomorrow and of always. A walk along the shore-line, in the border which marks the edge of the world: it is end and beginning, free zone for thoughts and actions.

2. run2

The mood is elegant yet free and easy, Mediterranean, optimistic, composed and disciplined. The language spoken is french and the location is a promenade between Saint -Tropez and Cadaqués worthy of Robert Walser for the vital energy, from the density of the blues, which form the backdrop to exuberant oranges and red, from the perfume of Provence within the lavender and strawberry, to the calm power of the colours of the earth which slopes gently to the sand.

3. run3

The influences are the carefree light-heartedness of the late 1950s, la Nouvelle Vague, the ingenuity of the beginnings and joie de vivre. He has also taken inspiration from the wind and the light, from those indefinable sentiments instilled by the marine atmospheres of the present, but whose wisdom belongs to the beginnings of time.

4. run4

The atmosphere is intimate, composed and genteel with unexpected outbreaks of joy:

you meet petanque players, sailors, playboys, intellectuals wearing cotton jersey, georgette (for the linings)and silk burette.

5. run5

The volumes are generous, the fabrics light and ready to welcome even the slightest of breezes.

6. run6

Colours range from blue (abysse, cassis, mauve), orange, to lavender, mimosa, mure (blackberry) and fraise (strawberry).

7. run7

The prints are stripes, tartans, Paisley, small conversational motifs (dolphins, seahorses, little boats, anchors, racquets or tennis balls). Paisley, the distinctive pattern, becomes as light as a shadow, watermarked, hidden in the linings or decisive and peremptory like a tattoo on the knitwear.

8. run8

S/S 12`s shoes are loafers.

9. run9

The bags are sailor-style duffle bags.

10. run99

Cesare Picco`s musical composition were seashells as percussion and instruments that included the wind and the waves. Immersed in these perfumes is this suite in which piano improvisation plays a fundamental role. Being an improvisation, what you hear is born in that moment and is unrepeatable. A challenge created with Kean, who surprises me once again because with him one doesn’t work, one creates.

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I LOVE the club blazers, checks and dots! Sophisticated and fun at once. The print-mix really works! Etro has, once again, shown a classy, traditional, young and very fashionable collection. BRAVO!

How do you like the collection?