Actress Rosanna Arquette set to wed for fourth time

Actress Rosanna Arquette, it has been revealed, is set to wed banker Todd Morgan, accepting his proposal without hesitation, a source said.

"Rosanna was kind of taken aback but absolutely thrilled when Todd proposed. She didn't think she would ever get married again and was happy with the way things were between her and Todd, but Rosanna is, at the heart of it, a real romantic and she's willing to give marriage another go.

"She's older and wiser and she's certain that Todd is 100 per cent the right guy for her. She is really, really happy."

The pair have reportedly not set a date, but are said to want to wed "sooner rather than later." Adds the source, "They want a small, intimate affair with just close friends and family."

For Arquette, that still guarantees a star-studded ceremony as her siblings - actors Patricia and David, along with David's semi-estranged wife, actress Courteney Cox, and transgender reality TV star Alexis - are stars in their own right.

Arquette has previously been married to Anthony Greco, James Newton Howard, and John Sidel, with whom she has a 16-year-old daughter Zoe Bleu.


PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images for MOCA