How Crystal Harris spent her almost-wedding day

Playmate Crystal Harris spent Saturday, June 18th - the day she would have married Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner in a Lifetime TV special - at a pool party in Las Vegas with reality TV stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

"I came to Vegas to hang out with my friends for the day," she said at Wet Republic, where she and Montag browsed the July edition of Playboy - gracing the cover as 'Mrs. Crystal Hefner' in his signature sailor hat and robe. "I wanted to get away from L.A. so I didn't have to think about the wedding."

The issue had already gone to print when the wedding was called off, which prompted issues to be slapped with a sticker reading "Runaway Bride in This Issue!"

Inside the magazine, an ad for Daniel's whiskey also congratulates the pair on their wedding.

Hefner spent his Saturday night in, watching Runaway Bride at the Playboy mansion with his Bunnies. "This was going to be my wedding day, but life is full of surprises. After all is said and done, staying single is probably for the best," he Tweeted last night.

Hefner's former girlfriend and Girls Next Door costar Holly Madison Tweeted that she was disgusted that Harris would flaunt her singledom at a pool party. "That's a new low," she said. "And whoever booked her is tacky."