Retrospective: Christian Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano: S/S 2006 - French Revolution

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Words are not enough to describe how much I LOVE this collection!

It is amazing how Galliano translated the passion, the faith, the matyrdom and the madness of the french revolution into colours and cuts. This is one of the few collections that makes the human being in the dress almost disapear and is all about it`s meaning - just like the French Revolution that lost all humanity in the violent fight for it`s ideals.

As always in Galliano`s work, I`m stunned and thrilled about the details; Raquel`s bloody pearls, the bloody shoes and pants, the asymmetric corset and the variety of drapes and cuts.

Oh Dior just can`t let this GENIOUS go!

How do you like this collection?