What A Beautiful World!

When you look around and see the beauty of the season.
You can't help but think of a higher power above.
The colors, and textures of this beautiful world are truly amazing!

How fortunate we are to ENHANCE AND CREATE the BEAUTY around us!
There is something magnificent about the seeds of life.
We plant seeds every day.
We nourish, enrich and teach.
We help others to grow!
Look around you today, look at the beauty around you.
Find the goodness in everyone and everything!
Perhaps, you will see Pumpkins, you will be touched by their
color and natural beauty.

Bring the beauty inside and share the HAPPINESS!
(photos brought to you by Better Homes and Garden)
Create A Little Happiness...
Inspired by the Seasons Colors and Textures
 For a Tutorial go HERE!
One of my favorites, I know you will love it too!