Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic talks married life

Ana Matronic (real name Lynch), the only female in the dance rock band The Scissor Sisters, recently sat down to talk to the Daily Mail about the band's upcoming tour and also touched on being a newlywed - she married longtime boyfriend Seth Kirby in late April at New York City Hall.

Matronic recalls, "We got married because...OK, I should back up a little bit. Seth does lights and visuals for bands and he works with this man Josh White, who did the visuals at Woodstock. Josh has been married to his wife Alice for 32 years, and Josh and Seth had just done a gig and it came out that Seth and I weren’t officially married. Josh and Alice couldn’t believe it, because we had been referring to each other as husband and wife for years. Seth came home and said, 'God, I just got an earful from Josh and Alice,' and we were just talking about it over the next few days and then it was like, 'Yeah, yeah, we should do it, we should do it.' I was on the computer and I looked down and he was on his knees and he said, 'Will you marry me?' and I said yes and he said, 'Will you fill out the paperwork and we’ll go right now?' So we went to City Hall that day, got the paperwork, then waited six days and did it officially."

Witnesses at the City Hall ceremony were Josh White, Seth's sister Kate and roommate Joe. After the Scissor Sisters upcoming tour, the couple plans to have a party for friends and family and go on a honeymoon.

Asked what marriage means to her, Matronic said, "Marriage? It’s just better and deeper. It’s like the difference between dating someone and dating someone you’re in love with. It’s that next logical step."

She also sees children in the couple's future, saying, "I love the idea. There are a lot of idiots having children in the world these days, so we should probably put a good one out there!"


PHOTO CREDIT: Camera Press