Sprinkles Of Fall!

Candy Corn Tutorial
Fall Inspiration is everywhere!
It's a beautiful time of year!
I felt inspired to add a little sprinkle of sunflowers to my Fall/Halloween Twigs.
Do you remember my Halloween twigs?
The colors of Fall are my all time favorite!
How about you?

I can't believe October will soon be here!
 Welcome Fall!  Let's celebrate!
I will share with you a
little Halloween pillow for a little Halloween chair.
(I have a weakness for little chairs!)
A Candy Corn Pillow Tutorial
and a few Halloween Quilts!
Come Along!

If you are learning to sew, pillows are a great project to start!
Turn it in all directions, upside down, sideways, it all works!
This little Halloween pillow is embellished with a ruffle and beaded trim.
Simple to make!

Candy Corn is a pretty important accessory to Fall!
I felt inspired to make a few candy corn pillows!
I found my sewing/crafting room, I even found the counter tops, along with that I found
beautiful fabric colors for candy corn!
Here is how I made CANDY CORN PILLOWS!

Select three fabrics- colors of candy corn

Draw a pattern on a file folder or card stock,
fold in half, cut to desired shape 
determine the size of your three colors
Cut two of each color
Sew three fabrics right sides together
Repeat for the back side of Candy Corn
Pin right sides together
 sew around candy corn,
 leave a opening at the bottom(base of candy corn)
clip corners and press
Turn and firmly stuff!
You are finished!
CREATE a basket full of CANDY CORN!
Sprinkle your tables, mantel, shelves with a little bit of candy corn happiness!

Wishing you a Sweet Day!

Come back and visit soon!