Katy Perry wants dual citizenship with marriage to Russell Brand

Promoting her latest album in Britain this past week, singer Katy Perry told Channel 4 that she would eventually like to get her dual citizenship once she marries British comedian Russell Brand.

“I love London and just being here. I’ve decided that when the day does come, I will become a dual citizen. Then I can just pass through Customs real quick. You’ve already kind of adopted me so maybe I don’t have to go through all the paperwork?”

As California preacher's daughter Katy assimilates into life with wild, raunchy Brand, she reveals that she recently dyed her black hair with streaks of claret and blue - the colours of Brand's beloved football team, West Ham United. She also expressed her disappointment that she can't get her West Ham official toaster to properly burn the team logo on her toast. “I can’t get the imprints on the toast, it’s so depressed."


PHOTO CREDIT: Francis Specker/CBS Landov