Sexiest Movies of Bollywood

Sexiest Movies of Bollywood, though has hedged around the subject of sex, still has its rendezvous with it every now and then.

Through the ages, sex as a theme has inspired scores of Bollywood directors, from Guru Dutt to Anurag Kashyap to Deepa Mehta. And these re not B-grade directors we are talking of here.

Here's taking a blue films at movies where this taboo subject comes out of its confines.

1. Love, Sex Aur Dhokha

Or LSD, as it came to be called got pretty good reviews in spite of its name. The film is based on the sex scandals, and MMS realities.

Love, Sex Aur Dhokha' shocked many in terms of its boldness.

2. Aitraaz

The film had Priyanka on the rampage for Akshay. One of the box office hits of 2004, the movie starred Kareena Kapoor as well.

Priyanka plays a scheming woman who can go to any lengths to ensnare Akshay. The movie really catapulted Priyanka into big league.

3. Jism

This one had the whole nation sitting up on the edge of their seat just sizzling with the electricity generated by Bipasha and John.

One of the box-office hits of that year, the movie had some hot love making scenes between the two lead stars.

4. Khwahish

This was a film based on extra marital affair that goes bad. Who can forget Himanshu Mallik and Mallika Sherwat's 17 kisses that broke all records in Bollywood?

Mallika's debut movie created waves just for the sizzling scenes.

5. Julie

Neha Dhupia as Julie got the eyeballs when she chose to go topless for the posters of the film. the movie tells the story of the changeover of a small-town girl into a high society prostitute.

6. Fire

Deepa Mehta's 'Fire' had the whole country on fire with the fundamentalists burning down theatres and what not.

With Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi in the lead roles, the movie highlights the physical desires and needs of a woman, fulfilled by another woman.

7. Girlfriend

Totally opposed to the sensitive handling of Fire, Girlfriend was another film in highlighting lesbian love.

However, it tackled the subject badly aand became better known for the explicit scenes between Eisha Koppikar and Amrita Arora than the subject.

8. Aastha

Starring the ever sensuous Rekha and the talented Om Puri, the movie had a controversial theme of a married woman who turns into a prostitute. Rekha, of course, carried it off with aplomb.

9. Utsav

Starring Rekha as a consummate courtesan (again) with Shekhar Suman, this Sahsi Kapoor film raised the bar of boldness in Bollywood flicks. The theme of the movie was a married man's attraction for a courtesan.