top 15 under $100 - week 7!


A few days ago while lounging by the pool in Vegas with Jill (yeah, I'm bragging) I was flipping through the latest Lucky mag, and ran across an article on colored tights. I think you either love them or you hate them. To me they are a cheap, fun way to add some flair to your holiday attire! Where do you stand?


I had a blast getting all dressed up in Vegas this past week... it reminded me how much I value a great pair of "going out" shoes! Even though they don't get much play time in my wardrobe, you feel like a million bucks when you put them on! I would love ANY of these pairs to strut around in on a weekend!

I have never really been the watch wearing type. Lately though I have found myself wanting to wear a watch. There is a Fossil watch (featured in my picks) that I love and while it's only $95 I don't really want to shell out that much for a watch just yet, so here are some other cheaper choices I love too.