A Christmas Crafter

Posies Tea Cosy (image via Ravelry)

Hello! My name is Sarah and I blog over at Rhinestones and Telephones. I love handmade and every year I try to make or bake as many gifts as possible. My family loves my homemade peppermint bark and this year I'm going to give Ina Garten's French Chocolate Bark a whirl, just to shake things up a bit.

I've recently started to crochet again and I'm really enjoying it. I've made a hat for myself and I'm going to give the tea cosy above a try. I was thinking of making up gift baskets for my family with the tea cosy, a new tea pot, a selection of teas, and my handmade barks and cookies.

Reading everyone's posts on here is very inspiring and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations. Thank you to Tilly for having me on board!