Pom Pom Scarf

Sadly I don't know how to knit, I was taught by someone's gran when I was in infant school (I remember I had emerald green knitting needles) but I didn't keep it up and now I wouldn't know where to start.  I have hinted rather a lot to my boyfriend that I would love the Cath Kidston 'How to Knit Kit' but I'm not sure if Father Christmas will be bringing that to me this year...I'll just have to wait and see!

I can, however, make pom poms and when I saw this I thought I can make one of those!  So I bought some wool that I thought would fluff up nicely and set to making large pom poms.  I like the method of wrapping the wool around my fingers/hand rather than a circle of card.  I wrapped the wool round my hand about 50 times to get the size of pom pom I wanted, but obviously the less times you wrap round your hand the less dense the pom pom.  If you want smaller pom poms just wrap them round a few of your fingers.  Once wrapped round desired times, carefully slip the wool off your hand and tie a length of wool around the middle of the loops making sure it's tied tightly.  Then snip all of the loops, make sure the wool is roughly the same length the whole way round and then fluff by ruffling the wool between your fingers until it's either as fluffy as you want it or your fingers are about to drop off!  (I'm not kidding!  My hands actually hurt after making the second one of these scarfs!  I need fluffier wool to begin with I think.)

Once I'd made 18 pom poms I got a large embroidery needle and threaded the same wool I was using for the pom poms through and then sewed all the pom poms together tying a knot in the wool on either side of each pom pom.  I kept my pom poms close together as when I tried to make mine like the one in the link above I kept getting tangled and worried I'd end up either strangling myself or breaking the scarf in frustration as I try and de-tangle myself.

This is my finished project and I'm really pleased with it, it's made it onto my Christmas list of things to make:

I used two different colour yarns of wool, the colours don't show very well sorry but one was blue with yellow and the other blue with purple

It was easy to make, a little time consuming but you don't really have to concentrate so easy to make whilst watching tv!  Happy Pom Pom-ing!