Wrapping is underway.....

It's funny how writing about the things that you do, makes you realise "stuff" about yourself. I am pretty methodical when I approach projects. Sometimes I look at the ordered manner of things in process and think "wow, that girl has control issues!!" Then I remember that "that girl" is me,and put it down to simple efficiency!

When I'm wrapping lots at once, I  keep everything pretty uniform and identical. It's quicker that way. Much as I get a kick out of gift wrapping, I don't have the time or inclination to spend days on it! I'll wrap everything first, then embellish and label them all in one go. (I use trusty post it notes to keep track of who's gift is who's). .Here they are all stacked, labelled and ready.

Next phase will be to add tags and embellishments. I have my handmade tags all ready to go as per the tutorial I posted. I have all my ribbon ready as well. I've just bought some red matt metallic paper that I'm going to try as pleated bands wrapped around each gift. Not sure of the detail yet, or whether it will work out, but that's the plan for tomorrow. Would love to see other peoples wrapping on here!