The Colors of Christmas

The traditional colors of Christmas remain my favorite each year,
especially red and white-
mixed with Christmas Tree Garland, red berries and outdoor elements.
(Inspirational pictures by Better Homes and Garden)

This year, I brought a lot of RED and WHITE to my Christmas Decor!
I love the traditional colors of Christmas!
( I made the quilt-Turning Twenty Pattern and Reversible Candy Cane/Polka Dot Pillows)
My favorite part is the RED and WHITE ribbon!

Red and White checkered ribbon with strong accents of SNOWY WHITE bring a warm
country "Home Sweet Home" feeling to your Christmas Decor!
( Better Homes and Garden)

Who can resist Christmas Dishes and Little Red Chairs? Not I!


Welcome Christmas!
My little daughter was dancing and singing all day yesterday and reminding
us all that Christmas will soon be here!
Children keep the Magic of Christmas alive!

Helping Hands
These mittens are more than the eye can see,
They represent the kindness in you and me.
It's the Holiday Season so lets do our part, to help
someone in need or to mend a broken heart.
Our helping hands can put a smile on a face,
and make the world a better place. 
So see what an act of your kindness can do,
It may even warm a cold hand or two.
A great gift for
 Kids, Teachers, Neighbors and Friends!

From Grandma's kitchen:
 My son who is TEN loves it!
I love it!
Go HERE for a recipe!
                                                 Combine Hot Chocolate and Warm Mittens
A great gift for everyone!
Enjoy the SWEETNESS of Christmas!