Christmas Treats

Welcome Back Christmas Friends!
Can you believe we are down to one week before Christmas?!
We've been working on more "Sweet Treats" 
What Flavor would you like?
We presented our Ice Cream Christmas Blizzards and Swiss Rolls in
A Drink /Cup Holder from Jack In The Box! (FREE)
Perfect for little hands to carry to School!
Simple for little hands to Create!

Glass Goblets from The Dollar Store or you can find plastic red ones from Walmart.
Warm Christmas Fuzzy Socks are everywhere on SALE right now.
(Target, Walmart, JC Penney,  Kohls)
My daughters wrapped them  in a swirl and placed them in the glasses,
pinch the middle of the sock to bring it to the top(looks like ice cream).
Place Candy Canes, Pixie Sticks, Peppermint candy in the center.
My little daughter made hearts out of two candy canes and taped them together-
It was so cute to watch her!
Hmmm....I wonder where she has seen them?
We added tags and a snowflake ornament.
The Tags read: "Wishing You A Magical Christmas"

Wishing you all a productive day!
Thanks for visiting!
Sending you all Candy Canes and Roses!