Twizz the Season!

Made these up a couple nights ago. Hardly takes any time at all. You melt some chocolate (white or regular - I used the stuff they call Almond Bark, but you could use any chips or dipping chocolate), dip the licorice in it, set it on waxed paper to set up, and then throw a dozen or so into a cello bag.
The tag/topper is a half sheet of card stock (red) which I gave a cute edge to using a fancy edge rotary cutter (you could use pinking sheers, or deckle scissors, too), and then I used double stick tape to stick the white label on top of that. (Couldn't find my glue stick...) Fold the half-sheet in half over the top of the bag.
In case you can't see it here, the white label says: "Twizz" the Season to be Jolly (I can email you my word doc if you want, but it's easy enough to type up yourself.)
Stapled a couple of them, but then decided double stick tape worked well to attach the label, without sharp things to poke you, and I went with that. One strip on each side of the topper, about an inch from the fold.
On the back, I wrote a personal message and signed it.

Cute, and quick, and so very easy. Just the thing this week.