More Buttercup bags!

Following the success (if I do say so myself) of the Buttercup bag I made the other day, I decided to make some more for my mum, boyfriend's mum, and friend from work. I made them production line stylee to save time and head scratching between steps.

As I discovered last time I made this, the Buttercup pattern turns out a very small handbag (10" across), so I decided to adapt it into a zippered make up bag pattern instead. I added a little extra height and flat tops to pieces A+ C, and followed Flossie Teacakes' extremely clear instructions for covering zip ends and sewing zip and fabric layers in the right configuration.

This one is made from the Liberty reproduction of an 18th century print that I bought from the V&A Quilts exhibition.

This one is a Tanya Whelan print, correctly identified by Jane as the leftover fabric from my Sencha blouse (a blouse I have never worn, BTW - the fabric is much better suited to bags!).

This one is from a tiny piece of one of my favourite fabrics ever, with a darling vintage beauty product print.

And this is what my street looked like while I was busy stitching in the warmth!

Love from Tilly x