Christmas Wrapping Ideas & Quick Tutorial

As per my last post, I've been playing about with making pleated paper bands with which to embellish our gifts this year. I'm rather pleased with the result and have kept it simple by just adding a narrow ribbon and neat bow to finish.

If you like the idea, it's really easy. To make the band I measured out some guidelines on the back of a length of contrasting wrapping paper. But you can do it by eye as well. (I'm rubbish at that though!)

I spaced them about an inch apart and used the edge of my metre rule to fold them smooth along the edge. Folding one way, then the other, to create a concertina effect.

I then pressed the band under a pressing cloth using a warm, dry iron. Just to sharpen the folds really, and  keep it nice and flat.

I wrapped it pretty snug around my gift, (don't want it sliding off or moving about) trimming of the excess and securing it at the back with sticky tape.

I added a very simple bow in a contrasting colour to finish. I'm alternating the green and turquoise ribbons on different gifts to tie in with the main wrapping paper.

To make these bands for EVERY gift would be too time consuming for my liking (and for the time I have left!) so I've compromised by alternating between plain (see right) and pleated bands on different gifts.

Now I know what I'm doing, should have it all finished by tomorrow!