Sew--Let's Get Organized!

Welcome To my Sewing Room!

I've taken on new Energy and Top Priority to the madness of my sewing room!
I can actually see the floor and the counter tops! Amazing! My kids say- "It's a miracle!"
I recruited five great helpers(my children) who have been out on Spring Break. My 15 year old son put together shelves for me. I love them, they are working great!

I have sufficient cupboards and storage space. I just needed to re-evaluate the space and the items filling the space. The shelves help to organize my fabrics that I use frequently. I can see colors, shapes, patterns and easily coordinate fabrics! My favorite storage containers are the chalkboard crates. I found them at JoAnn's several months ago. I have taken other containers using chalkboard paint to do the same thing.

My favorite project was organizing all my buttons onto this magnet board. The little metal containers are from Michaels. I glued magnets on the back. I love seeing the colors and shapes readily available at my fingertips!

I'm still not finished. More to come! I found this article on organization. It has helped me!
Too much on your to-do list? The key to staying organized is developing good habits that will last for life; but when your lists get unmanageable it's easy to backslide. If you consistently find yourself tackling clutter, it's time to rethink your getting organized system. (Article from Karen Ussery-expert organizer).

What do I need to have a place for?
Does it need to be within arm's reach, or can it be put away?
What supplies will help me stay organized?
How can I label clearly so I remember the organizers' functions?
Is this the easiest way, or is there a simpler way to do the same thing?
Do I like the way my system looks and functions?
How will I remind myself to use my new system until it becomes a habit?

Have A Happy Bright Sunshiny Day!