Believe..Miracles Do Happen

Faith Hope and Love are a good thing but the greatest is Love!

In Celebration of my Miracle daughter born 23 years ago--weighing one pound, seven ounces-12 inches long(born at 24 weeks). It is with great honor to sew these little preemie quilts with my daughter and give them to N.I.C.U. Neonatal Nurseries in our community and surrounding areas. My daughter was born at St. Josephs Hospital in Phoenix.
Through those critical days and months of NICU. I wanted to hear and know about tiny babies surviving, it gave me great hope.

I want to share these adorable little quilts with you in hopes you would like to join us! The N.I.C.U. and Mothers of preemie babies enjoy and appreciate receiving these little blankets. The little quilts brighten up the babies environment and gives a loving message of HOPE. You can contact the N.I.C.U. Neonatal Units in your area, they will be thrilled to receive your loving HANDMADE quilts.

My Mother made a tiny quilt(shown above) for my little Brandi along with the tiny p.j.s and knitted booties. We still have the treasured items today, it is a keepsake. My daughter looks at them and understands how tiny she really was!

Here are instructions or guidelines for most N.I.C.U Neonatal Nurseries.

**The tiny quilts work well with two flannel fat quarters(18 X 22) or quilted fabric. The size can vary. It is OK to make them larger, all sizes are graciously accepted, although keep in mind how tiny these little babies are. I like the 18 X 22 size.

Place two fat quarters right sides together, leave a opening for turning and top stitch the edges 1/4 inch around the quilt.

Sew a (X )in the middle to keep fabrics securely in place (about 4-6 inches).

**If you want to add a token of love or dedication to the quilt, do that first. I printed out my "token of love" on appropriate fabric that can be used in a printer.

Do not tie the quilts. Most N.I.C.U. nurseries discourage the yarn ties. (The babies are so tiny that the yarn ties are uncomfortable.)

Make sure your fabrics are clean. Place each quilt in zip lock bags to stay clean and sterile when transporting them to the hospital.

Brandi spent her first six months of life in the N.I.C.U. Brandi has been my greatest teacher in life.

Happy Birthday to my Miracle!

(My daughters footprints)

A journey of A 1000 miles begins with one single step.

Life is Fragile......Everyday is a gift!