Gone Fishing!

TEACH "Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime". (confucius).

Today, we caught several super groovy fish!

I plan to use thesse fun little fish and fishing poles for my Nursery kids(18 months-3 years). I have to say this is a big thumbs up for entertaining children. Even, my older boys joined in on catching a few fish!
Super easy to make, great use of fabric scraps! A fun project to make with your kids!
We made 12-14 fish with washers that can easily be caught. Here's a simple tutorial.

Let's get started!

Scraps of fabrics approx. 6 X 6 depending on the size of fish you desire.
washers (you will find all different sizes at Lowes or Home Depot-I like medium size)
round magnets (walmart-craft isle foam sticky tape on back)
dowel sticks (walmart craft isle)
yarn and ribbon

1. Make yourself a fish pattern on heavy card stock paper.
2. Place your fish on the fold of your fabric.
3. Pin and cut

4. place ribbon inside of washer, set aside.
5. place fish right sides together
6. place washer and ribbon between fish,

7. sew completely around fish, reinforce over ribbon/washer.
8. leave small opening for turning.

9. The use of fabrics, patterns and colors are endless.
10. stuff fish
11. sew opening by hand

Fishing Pole:
I tied yarn to the dowel and attached two round sticky magnets between the yarn on each fishing pole. I made several poles so every child in my nursery class will have a pole. I like the dowels at Walmart since they are short-(safer for small kids).

You can also drill a tiny hole in your dowel for the yarn.
Place fish on blue ocean like fabric. Go Fish!
PS. I love Nursery!