Bipasha underwent breast surgery

Bipasha Basu breast Cosmetic surgery is a common practice in Hollywood and now it seems to have hit Bollywood too with item girl Rakhi Sawant admitting that she had breast enhancement surgery. Well, now rumours claim that actress Bipasha Basu too has had breast enhancement surgery about four years back when she came into the limelight with her film Jism. However, sources claim that the doctor who performed the breast enhancement surgery has not received his payment of Rs.2.5 lakhs.

Sources claim that one Dr. Ashok Gupta who has done a number of cosmetic surgeries for celebrities and other high profile clients did the breast enhancement surgery for Bipasha in 2002. Supposedly, Bipasha registered under a fake name as she didn't want her identity to be disclosed. According to reports, Bipasha's bust line was enhanced by around three inches. However despite several attempts by Dr. Gupta and his staff to acquire the amount of Rs.2.5 lakhs that was charged for the surgery, Bipasha has not paid the amount even after almost four years. Dr. Gupta has tried contact the actress but in vain.

According to the medical staff that attended to Bipasha while she was hospitalized for the surgery, she has also done a cosmetic surgery to her ears. It is also believed that the same doctor performed item girl Rakhi Sawant's breast enhancement surgery. Sources claim Bipasha did the breast enhancement surgery for her role in the film Jism which was produced and directed by the Bhatts where she was seen playing an overtly sexy woman in a negative role. In her recent films, Bipasha, who is a model turned actress began putting on a lot of weight. However, recently the actress has taken to staying fit and has been sporting a slim and fit figure.