Princess Accessories

Fit for a Princess!
Every little girl needs a handmade magical fairy princess wand to go with her "dress-up" clothes!
This is a great craft project or party favor for a little girl Birthday party! Welcome smiles and twirls!

From Fishing poles to Princess wands...remember the fish, use your leftover dowels.
Would you like to make one? Here's a easy tutorial!

Materials needed:
Dowels (Walmart craft isle or any craft store)
ribbon (wide and narrow-I used my ribbon scraps)
flowers (dollar store~I used 5-6 flowers per wand)
wire, glue sticks
buttons or jewels
bells (thread bells through narrow ribbon)
tulle (great use of tulle scraps)

1. Cut two tulle squares measuring 6" X 6".
2. Take flowers apart(take centers out of the flowers).

3. Place two flowers in the center of the tulle .

4. Pinch the tulle and flowers to a point.
5. Wrap tulle with wire on to your dowel.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have a full wand of flowers wrapped in tulle. I made 4 sets for one wand).

7. Take wide ribbon and fold the raw edge over.
8. Wrap the dowel and glue with glue gun top and bottom.
9. Embellish wand with large bow, several smaller ribbons, tulle, and buttons.
10. Thread ribbon through 3-4 bells, place in wand. (My daughter loves the bells!)

Celebrate the magical days of childhood! Enjoy!
Make a wish for the day.....I wish breakfast for my kids to magically appear!