Deck The Halls Of Home With Joy

Welcome friends....As many of you know, this blog started out as "just for fun" Christmas inspiration. Happily, it has evolved into a place of friendship, laughter, inspiration, expression of creativity, crafting and more.

Thank you for following along! I have met so many wonderful friends! I hope you all feel welcome here and know your friendship is heartfelt.

Welcome to a favorite room in my home~the Dining Room. Like most families, we spend many special occasions, celebrations and Holiday dinners in this room. I am a mother of six- four are boys! I love having a formal dining room where my boys can see, feel and appreciate a sense of beauty. (A Mom can only try and I do try!).

I've alwys been inspired by the window treatments in the Armstrong Mansion (My Great Great Grandparents home-Francis and Isabel Armstrong.) Today it's a beautiful Bed and Breakfast Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah. A great place to celebrate an Anniversary!
My Dining Room has three large windows in front of the house that face south. When we were celebrating our first Thanksgiving a few years ago in our new home. I wanted our room to feel inviting. I also wanted it to be somewhat formal. I kept thinking of the Armstrong Windows.

I started dressing up the windows in fall colors and fall textures, they are my favorite colors to work with. I was decorating for Fall, but loved the colors so much they have stayed through all seasons.

1. I started with a grapevine swag that I placed horizontally above the shutters. The grapevine is anchored to drapery hooks.

2. I draped fabric (56" wide) 8-9 yards of brown textured fabric weaving in and out of the grapevine.

3. I embellished the brown fabric and grapevine with fall garland beads

4, Next, I Added a twist of ribbon to help secure and hold the garland into place.
I may add sheer or textured fabrics to the sides of the windows for a more formal look.

I'm joining Creations by Kara!