From Window Valance to Crafting/Cooking Apron

What's Cooking?
Hello Friends! It all started with a black and white checkered Waverly valance that was the wrong size for my kitchen window! I loved the quality and design of the fabric-plus it was lined, so I hung on to it and made a apron from a valance!
I found my valance at Tuesday Morning for $8.00 per valance. The Waverly valance had originally started at $55.00. Several of the valances at Tuesday Morning were clearance priced between $4.00-8.00. You can easily get two aprons out of one valance! (Check the length). The fabric is heavy drapery lined fabric. The style of my valance is in a "V" shape, which makes it even greater for a apron! (The measurements of the valance are 52" width x 20" length).

I added four lined pockets, a tie that slips through the casing, and ties around the waist.

Quick and easy! You can easily make one too!

Let's Get Started:
1. You can find valances similar to mine on sale. (Look for the heavy lined drapery valance with 2"-- 2 1/2" opening or you may have one on hand that you are no longer using.

2. Place the valance/apron around your waist for desired size. Cut to fit. (This is the back of the valance shown in the picture). You can see the fabric lining and how well it is suited for a apron! (I cut 10 inches off on each sid, the "V'" should be centered on your waist) With a straight valance, you could get two aprons in one valance!

A. You will have raw edges on both ends of your apron, to make a nice rolled hem on both edges, unpick back approx 1/2 inch.
B. Fold and press into place and sew a 1/2" hem. Do not sew the casing closed, you will need to leave a opening for the ties. Press and set aside, move onto pockets.

3. For Pockets, measure desired width and cut 8-10 inches for length of pocket.
4. Measure and cut lining of fabric for back of pocket.
5. Cut interfacing the same size as front and back fabrics.
6. See picture below, place your pocket front and back fabrics right sides together, place interfacing on top(like a sandwich).

7. Sew along the length of fabric on both edges top and bottom creating a tube.

8. Turn the fabrics to the right side or front of the pocket, press, trim with rotary cutter both ends of long tube. Sew the two openings closed by creating a nice hem on both sides of tube.

9. Press pocket and place on front of apron, pin into place.
10. Measure and mark your pockets. I generally mark 3-4 pockets evenly spaced. Sew pockets to apron at both ends of pockets and bottom of pockets.

11. Measure and cut fabric to desired length for ties. I like my ties to go completely around my waist and tie in the front. Measure ties so they will fit through the valance casing.
12. Press rolled hem on both ends of ties, fold and press into place and sew. Make sure you press the ends before you sew. I like to sew top and bottom of tie.
13. Feed the tie through the casing with large safety pin.

Your apron is complete and ready to wear!