Handmade Gifts

I hope you all had a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Quilting to all those who are rushing to finish their quilts for Christmas! A few years ago, I decided to make quilts for my kids(four boys, 2 girls) for Christmas! It was a labor of love and one of my favorite gifts to give!

The quilts took a lot of time, but well worth the time! The toys and electronics are long gone! The quilts are still being used! I know my kids will remember their quilts. There is something magical about a handmade quilt or a handmade gift! The saying holds true-
"Those who sleep under a quilt sleep under a blanket of love!"

I felt inspired to make little doll quilts for my shop. My little daughter loves to play with her doll quilt and dolls. I've been happily stocking my shelves at Hall or Nothing! I'm also excited to join the U Create Holiday Boutique coming soon!

You will see Childrens reversible aprons, Mother/Daughter aprons, Christmas Bags and more

Check out what's new and FREE for the week of November 30th-December 7th! Free childrens apron with purchase of three items! Free gift wrap available! Free Childrens light up wand with purchase of apron and cupcake set!

U Create Boutique begins November 30TH-December 7th!

"Hands to work..hearts to love!"
Have a Happy weekend CREATING or SHOPPING for some magical gifts!
Come join the fun and say HELLO!